Eva Taylor lives in Germany and Italy, she writes poems and prose in German and Italian.

In 2015 she published the novel Carta da zucchero, which was awarded the 2014 InediTo-Prize for unpublished novels. In 2010 she published two collections of poems: one in German, Gartenarbeit (‘Gardening’), San Marco Handpresse, and one in Italian: Volti di parole (Edizioni l’Obliquo). In 2008, with the Dutch publisher Eric van der Wal, she published her first German collection, Schneebuch; her first Italian collection, L’igiene della bocca, appeared in 2006 (Edizioni l’Obliquo).

Eva Taylor also translates from Italian into German (poems by Elisa Biagini and Anna Maria Carpi) and from German into Italian (prose by Unica Zürn, poems by Uljana Wolf, Yüksel Pazarkaya, Zehra Çırak und Hasan Özdemir).

Eva Taylor is a member of the Compagnia delle poete.

On these pages you’ll find texts and translations, as well as other news.


contact: tayeva [at] gmail [dot] com